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"Behind-The-Scenes" Tech Theatre for Kids & Teens at Moonlit Wings Productions

Do you enjoy doodling? Maybe you’re curious about camera work, or have a flair for fashion or design? Not only do campers at Moonlit Wings Performing Arts Camps perform in a play, they also go behind-the-scenes!

Young performers on average spend an hour to two a day creating props, brainstorming character costumes, learning about the importance of design, staging and team work.

Teens accepted as Jr. Directors help lead these events and run the "Behind-The-Scenes" activities. They shadow our Directors and assist with various tech events while serving as role models for the young performers.

Teens create animal masks for our play at Moonlit Wings Productions Performing Arts Camp.

Kids prepare to act in "Movie Magic" scenes at Moonlit Wings Productions.

(Photo: (Top) Teens create animal masks for character costumes. (Second) Young performers work with a clapperboard, just like on-set, and prepare to film during "Movie Magic".)

Our young performers gain the experience of putting on a show and strengthen their creativity and imagination when they understand the production process from both ends - the actors and the technicians.

When you enter a theater or tune in to the season premiere of a hit show, you’re seeing months of work from scenic designers, lighting engineers, costumers, production designers, sound technicians and more.

Each of these behind-the-scenes pros create a visual aid to communicate their ideas and to help others involved in the production understand the world of the play or story.

We try to give a taste of this in just a few days of camp or hours of class. Here are some familiar examples of these visual aids created by famous technicians:

(Photo: Storyboard for "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin.)

(Photo: Costume drawing next to real life model wearing outfit for Oz characters.)

Our campers experience similar activities, some include storyboarding during Playwriting Playhouse, set design and prop creation during Tech Time and even a costume parade as we prepare for our dress rehearsal and performance!

Ages 7-14 register for one of our Performing Arts Camps and discover what it takes to put on a play (plus movie making, talent show, improv, swim-time and more).

Teens ages 15-17 apply to be admitted into the Teens Behind-the-Scenes program and run backstage.

(Photo: Campers tie-dyed t-shirts for their characters accompanied with face paint and hat/hair. With the help of Teen leaders, young performers painted boxes and set pieces and used various colorful fabrics to create the colorful world of Seuss.)

Push the limits of your imagination and creativity at Moonlit Wings!

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