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"Robin Hood" Summer Camp (Ages 7-14)

ACTion! Summer Camp presents "Robin Hood"

Kids put on a play, plus improv, music, talent show, swim-time and more!

Several Locations Available.

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Spring Hill RECenter JUNE 24 - JULY 3

McLean, VA Stone Middle School JULY 8-19

Centreville, VA

Providence RECenter JULY 22 - AUG. 2

Falls Church, VA

CAMP DESCRIPTION: (9am to 4pm / Ages 7-14) Young performers put on a play inspired by Howard Pyle’s “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood” and explore behind-the-scenes activities in this two-week camp. Robin and his friends must escape Sheriff of Nottingham when caught stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Moonlit Wings award-winning programs are jam-packed with opportunities for every young performer to shine, including improvisation games, talent show, script writing, music and more! Camp ends with a mini-performance featuring a new modern script and songs. Bring snack, lunch, drink and swimsuit/towel (camps may have a short swim break).

Too old for this camp? Teens click here to learn about our "behind-the-scenes" program.


"Best Children's Theatre/Drama Instruction"

Washington Family Magazine - 1st Runner-Up Award

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