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Summer Camp Scholarships for Kids & Teens in Performing Arts - Fairfax County, VA

Kids & teens who need support can apply now for a scholarship towards our award-winning programs!

Scholarships can be used for our award-winning programs, including Performing Arts Camp for Kids & Teens in Northern VA with programs across Fairfax County, VA.

Performers of all backgrounds and levels are highly encouraged to apply. Programs are seasonal, available online and in-person in Northern Virginia and Los Angeles.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with scholarships awarded every season, space permitting.

Under Walid Chaya's leadership, our studio emphasizes diversity and inclusion, offering many scholarships to underprivileged, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ students. To further support equality and amplify student voices, we have now created a formal scholarship application process.

Selected applicants will be notified by email with scholarship offers to attend programs scheduled for the upcoming season. Scholarships will be awarded in full covering 100% of program tuition as well as partial scholarships covering up to 50% of program tuition.


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