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LEVELUP: Beyond the Stage: Walid Chaya and Jimmy Monack’s “The Greatest ShowKid” Takes a TV Leap

takes its final bow, leaving hearts full of inspiration and imaginations ignited. This captivating production, a gem within the “Applause! Performance Arts Summer Camps” series co-produced with the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA), closed its curtains just last weekend, capping off a season of fun, creativity, and diversity." -LEVELUP

"The brilliance behind this enchanting narrative stems from the ingenious minds of Walid Chaya and co-writer Jimmy Monack. Known for their decade-long partnership in creating captivating children’s stories for both stage and screen, Chaya and Monack have propelled “The Greatest ShowKid” from its humble beginnings in 2019 to its current, globally infused iteration. This metamorphosis has not only brought a fresh, more inclusive dimension to the story but has also set the stage for a promising new venture: a TV Pilot adaptation.

Championing diversity and unity in the arts, Chaya and Monack have woven a magical tapestry that resonates deeply with young and old alike. The message of embracing differences, fostering strong bonds, and nurturing one’s inner magic is as relevant as it is heartwarming."

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